the word


I ...write...a few of the things I consider to be most precious (Jacob 1:2)

(And) I write...that perhaps they may be of worth...according to the will of the Lord. (Moroni 1:4)

What every man or woman or child, thinks, says or writes by the Spirit, leads to Light -- because it is a manifestation of Light. To share such observations is not an act of pride, but an act of love. And the Spirit will manifest which observations and experiences are appropriate to share.

I have been impressed to share some of my thoughts here.  I acknowledge the obvious.  I am human and more often than not inadequate to the task at hand.  But I believe that the Spirit can be found here. If one seeks it.

Remembering Light

Joy in the Journey     (A Readers Theater)

Becoming Like Christ (Essays, articles, letters

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